In September I bought a used 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara from Johnson Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep in Meridian Mississippi. When I bought the Jeep I specifically checked to make sure it had hands free phone service and, sure enough, the radio had the hands free icon. Since you have to sync your phone to the vehicle in order to check the service, it is not feasible to check it when you are in the process of buying the vehicle.

You can imagine my displeasure when I found that Jeep installs radios with “dummy” buttons. There is no phone service on the radio in my Jeep. The sales lady never mentioned that when I was buying the vehicle.

I bought a Liberty when they first came out. I can guarantee you that I probably sent 20 people to your showrooms after I told them how good that vehicle was. I can also guarantee you that, after the catastrophy that happened to the Liberty after I brought it to the Jeep dealer in Decatur Alabama (240,000 perfect miles but I got a tune up at Decatur Jeep and 4 hours later the engine blew) , and after the basically false advertising that sold me on the Wrangler, I now tell people to stay away from Jeep. The vehicles are good but your dealerships suck

Oh, on top of the other ***, the Jeep I bought in Meridian had pick proof locking wheel lugs on it and the dealer had no wrench to fit it. I had to make a special trip from my working home in New Orleans back to Meridian Mississippi twice before they could get the lugs off. Like I said. No more help from Gene.

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