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Almost 2 years ago we purchased a used 2012 Jeep Liberty with 20 some thousand miles on it, seemed like a great deal and a nice and safe SUV for Rebecca to drive.So we brought it home.

In the last two months we replaced the front wheel bearing and had a problem with an ignition coil, so these items ended up being about a grand in repairs. Now, last week, Rebecca noticed that the "Sky Slider" Sunroof was loose and actually open. The Sky slider sunroof is a large sunroof that pretty much covers the whole roof. We were afraid it would fly off on the highway or someone could climb in and steal her belongings or rain or snow inside the car, so we took it to Buhler Jeep in Keyport.

We heard their service department was very good from a friend in the auto industry. So Low and behold, we get a quote of $$5600.00 plus $300.00 to look at the roof. We told the manager that we cant afford that kind of repair, so they suggested calling our insurance company, which we did. The insurance adjuster for Farmers came out and pretty much told us there is nothing they can do for this claim, as we really do not know how, why or what happened.

So I advised the insurance guy that we cannot pay for the repair and we would have to use the vehicle with a loose convertible type cover, which is unsafe and now the whole interior is susceptible top the elements outside. He said that we would be liable if something happened because its failure to maintain your 6000.00 repair. So we picked up the Jeep from the dealer, they were nice enough to cut the diagnostic charge in half, but my wife had to drive home with a flapping convertible sunroof cover. When she got home I tied the cover down with some wire so it wont blow off on the highway and possibly cause an accident.

I am both a career Firefighter and a Volunteer Firefighter, My wife is also a Volunteer Firefighter and the very LAST thing we want to do is get someone injured. We have contacted Jeep and they told us there is nothing they can do for us, we contacted our bank that our loan is through and the only thing they could help with is giving us a break from the loan payment for a few months. They were very nice. We also asked what would happen if we surrendered the car, they suggested not too because we are always on time with our payments and surrendering is the same as having the car repossessed.

We are out of options, No one wants to assist us in any way. My wife is stuck driving an unsafe car to and from work. To top it all off, we have been researching this issue with the Jeep Liberty Sky Slider roof and its a WELL KNOWN problem that everyone that has one has. My own opinion on the mechanics of the top is is cheaply and poorly made.

The piece that broke is a plastic part. There are forums upon forums with people in the same boat and Jeep has turned their back on EVERYONE. These tops will break, its not a matter of if, its a matter of when.

Unfortunately we have exhausted our ideas.We believe that Jeep is conducting poor customer service by turning their backs on their loyal customers with outrageous repair costs on something they know has major issues and safety concerns.

Review about: 2012 Jeep Liberty Sport Car.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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